Abcor Supports Export Businesses

Abcor Finance is identifying ambitious businesses struggling to get the right finance to export. There is a substantial barrier for UK companies who are manufacturing and selling their products abroad. The best example are exporters manufacturing goods in China and selling them directly to the EU or US. At Abcor this is our bread and butter. At Abcor we love these trades. We want to support ambitious UK SME’s and Corporates exporting. £46 billion is exported to the US alone.

Abcor has recently supported a dynamic Giftware company; with a £300,000 Purchase Order/Trade Finance facility. This will allow the company to significantly increase its growth; especially to the US. UK companies with a strong Unique Selling Point selling their product into the US are increasingly approaching Abcor for finance. The set-up costs to export to the US are not insignificant. However if the company can get the distribution right, the scale is significant. It is often a question whether the company can fulfill demand. Further to this the substantial material drop in logistics costs, which we have reported before, are making exporters a lot more ambitious. For more information contact us